How to Make a
Concrete Curb
Border Curb Edging ground preparation
You can make a curb
with a manual curb
machine by following
these quick and easy
Dig a trench 2" deep by
9" wide.
2. Mix 3 1/2 parts sand with
1 part cement. It is very
important that the concrete
mix is not too wet (0"-1"
3. Place the concrete mix
into the curb machine and
begin ramming it with the
handle. Continue this
process until desired
concrete curb has been
extruded from the machine.
4. Use the curb trowel to
smooth over any rough
surfaces on the newly
extruded concrete border
5. Slice half way through
the curb with a knife or flat
trowel at a distance of
about  3' apart. This will
control unwanted cracks.

Use a paint Brush or a
sprayer to apply liquid  
concrete color stain to the
2. Use a brick tool to cut-in
a pattern or design on the
concrete curb.
do it yourself curbing
curb it yourself
DIY curbs
curb trowel
Who can benefit by making a concrete curb with a curb machine?
Answer: Landscapers, General Contractors, Landlords, Homeowners,
Concrete Contractors and Rental Yards.  
Curb machine video
Concrete curb slip form and trowel
concrete curb machine and trowel
Planter Edge Border Curb