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Fast Facts:

Our concrete
curb machines
are great.

We've been in
business for
more than 14

We've been in the
machinery and
concrete curb
industry for over
twenty five years.
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Our services include sales of quality curb
machines. Are you in the concrete or
landscaping business? You will love to
make a curb with our curb machines.
making border curbs
The Stainless Steel Manual Curb Machine
is Trouble Free, Durable, Fast, Easy to
Use and Affordable
Our Stainless Steel Curb Machine
does not need electricity or gas to
make a curb. The operator
provides power by pushing the
handle in a back and forth motion.
curb tools
border curbs
Curb Machine Video
curb machine operating
Our Company Information
We are dedicated to offering high quality border curb machines for
sale and curb tools to our customers.
We have been in the curb machine business since 2003, and the
company was first established as a retail business that specialized in
machines to make a concrete curb. Lil MAC -
Make A Curb  evolved
into a company that is able to offer additional curb machines and
concrete tools that are of high quality and reasonably priced.
We are able to keep overhead low by streamlining the way we do
business. For example, we sell our curb machines, products and
services on line, as well as utilizing fliers, but most importantly we
obtain the majority of our business through word of mouth.
Our management team has over twenty-five years of experience in the
curb construction and machinery industries, which gives us a unique
edge and combination of skills to better serve our customers.
Our Curb Machines do not need electricity
or gasoline to make a curb. The operator
provides power by pushing the handle
the curber
in a back and forth motion.
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